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Episode #32

International Man of Mystery Zeus, Tom, and Jason discuss job prospects for the unencumbered, making money through podcasting, Kirk the boatman and his travels aboard the Salsa; what makes something a continent; Ladyboys; methods of medieval torture; weird blue laws; the origins of handshaking; far east tendencies; martial arts; and meth labs atop volcanoes.

Episode 32.  Man of Mystery


Episode #31

Dog Balls Zeus, Tom, and Jason talk about Net Neutrality, the Dark Net, Moore's Law, the evolution of TV shows, Transcendance, and bad podcast techniques.

funny truck dog balls


Episode #30

Rickshaw Jason joins Zeus and Tom again to discuss phone apps, freemiums, Candy Crush Saga suckas, Auralux, Xbox One, platform video games, Zeus' neighbors, the Star Trek Artemis game, Kung Fu movies, Gun Fu, Equilibrium, and of course, rickshaw.
funny rickshaw



Feb, 2014

Talk to Zeus and Tom

If you want to be on the air, call our Google Voice line and leave a message. Just call (703) 278-2711. Tell us a joke, tell us what you think, tell us you love us. If you wish to send Zeus and Tom a comment, please email zeusandtom @ dabblestone.com »

Feb, 2014

Little Known Facts about the Oscars

Emilio Fernandez was the original model for the statuette in 1928. Kevin O'Connell, a sound engineer, has been nominated 20 times since 1983 but has never won. Michael Jackson paid $1.54 million for David O. Selznick’s Best Picture statuette for Gone with the Wind in 1999. »

Dec, 2013

Forgotten Movies

A recurring segment on our show is the Forgotten Movies segment where we recommend an old treasure that may have otherwise been lost in the sands of time. Click here to see all the forgotten movies recommended by Zeus and Tom in the show. »

Nov, 2013

Our YouTube Channel

The Zeus and Tom Show is on YouTube with video content and companion videocasts to go along with the podcast.
This video is a companion to Episode 23: Mockbusters, about The Asylum and their ripoff moviemaking business model. Visit our YouTube Channel»

Sept, 2012


All Tom's favorite TV shows, reviews, and star bios and pics. »

Sept, 2012

Pop Culture

Our show often delves into pop culture topics such as TV and Film. We often discuss our favorite movies, actors, and actressess. In Episode 20 titled Last Podcast Left on the Net, we discussed the latest Iron Man movie and the leading lady, Gwyneth Paltrow.
sexy legs bikini Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow, pictured here on the cover of People magazine, was the opposite of this sexy and innocent girl as she donned the Iron Man suit in strong, gritty, and brave fashion to help save Tony Starke in Iron Man 3. »


Nov, 2013

Our Movie Reviews on IMDB

We've begun posting movie reviews on IMDB (the Internet Movie Database). Check 'em out. Go There Now»

Oct, 2013

Movie Stars

We discuss a plethora of movie and TV stars on our podcast Anne Hathaway's behind the scenesAnne Hathaway and her sexy Catwoman suit was mentioned on The Zeus and Tom Show Episode #3 titled Episode IV Return of the Batman. »

Oct, 2013

New to Our Show?

For any new listeners, we recommend starting with episodes 1, 2, 9, and 13. We seem to be at out best in those episodes. We try to provide laughs throughout while discussing things that we can all relate to, such as kids, wives, movies, TV shows, and things in the news.

Sep, 2013

Our Theme Music

Our main intro theme is a song called Dream Player by Dano (Royalty Free). A friend of ours contributed a piece of music for our show. We typically use it for the outro because the kids applause at the beginning of the track. We call it Marcel's Theme. Marcel's Theme is copyrighted material. If you wish to use Marcel's Theme for any project, please email zeusandtom@dabblestone.com and we will put you in touch with Marcel. Our newest intro music used on Episode 26 is called RetroFuture Clean by Kevin MacLeod (Royalty Free).

Feb, 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street

"Sell me this pen." I spent most of the movie with an incredulous "You've got to be kidding me" reaction, but no joke, the whole story is based on the true life of the real Jordan Belfort, who professes to have really done all the things as portrayed in this movie. Regardless, the movie is wonderful, albeit over the top, with a great cast of characters. Leonardo DiCaprio does a fantastic job as the conniving money-hungry Belfort. Early on, we see the character of Mark Hanna, played by Matthew McConaughey, introduce Belfort to the world of Wall Street with a chest thumping, grunting chorus that would make Tim Allen proud. Belfort teams up with a short overweight poser named Donnie Azoff, played by Johah Hill, who becomes his second hand man. The cast of characters grows, including a wonderful performance by Jon Bernthal of Walking Dead fame, as the bruiser Brad; and relative newcomer Margot Robbie as Belfort's trophy wife Naomi;
Margot Robbie plays Naomi in The Wolf of Wall StreetMargot Robbie
and Rob Reiner seemingly coming out of retirement to play Belfort's meat-head father. The ongoing narration hearkens back to Scorsese's earlier film Goodfellas, which was a bit too unoriginal and a lazy approach to storytelling. Nonetheless, Belfort takes the audience on a harrowing ride as his life spirals upwards and predictably downwards through fits of drug abuse and wanton sex, all while the feds try to lock him into their sites.

Previous Episodes

#29: Last Word on the 2014 Oscars
Zeus and Tom predict and then react to the 2014 Oscars. We are joined by Jason as we discuss Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street, Blue Jasmine, and more. Zeus hawks Broken Circle Breakdown. We hear from Brian, and get predictions from listeners and fellow podcasters.
Episode 29.  2014 Oscars.

#28: Half Plus Seven
Jason joins Zeus and Tom to discuss creepiness, statutes of limitation, the half plus seven rule, statutory rape, Mr. Happy and Chunky Monkey, the Darwin Awards, and whether or not humans are still evolving.
Darwin Awards and Human Evolution

#27: Best TV Show of 2013
Zeus and Tom announce the best TV series of 2013. Included in the discussion are Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Justified, Louis CK's show, Eastbound and Down. Also, the guys discuss Howard Hughes syndrome (pissing in bottles) as seen in real life and in TV shows like Eastbound and Down.
Walter White Heisenberg sits on the Game of Thrones

#26: Best Movie of 2013
Zeus and Tom announce the best movie they have seen in 2013 including Superman, Prisoners, Captain Phillips, Star Trek, Iron Man, Silver Linings Playbook, and more.
What's the best movie of 2013?

#25: Trainwreck Society
Zeus and Tom discuss mass murders, the Navy Yard incident, twerking, RGIII, and the visions of healthiness dancing in our heads.
Twerked to Death

#24: But You Have to Read the Book
I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "The movie was ok, but you have to read the book." Zeus and Tom cover their favorite movie adaptations including Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Thomas Harris, John Grisham, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and Suzanne Collins.
Books to Movies

#23: Mockbusters
The boys dis and discuss mockbuster kings The Asylum, B-Movies, D-listers, movie pitches, and screen plays.

#22: Jellystoned
Zeus and Tom recap their family camping trip to the retro-esque Jellystone Park, talk about making an impromptu video of Spiderman breaking up a pothead convention, how tennis balls can prevent hazing in the Polish military, and review the new Star Trek movie Into Darkness.

#21: Men of Twisted Steel
Zeus and Tom discuss the new Superman Man of Steel movie, Zod, Swamp Thing, the new 52, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Batman and JLA, Fry That Chicken, Spiderman, Uncle Quentin, Forgotten Movies, Blair Witch Project, and Under the Dome.

#20: Last Podcast Left on the Net
The boys dis and discuss the Last Podcast on the Left, superhero movies and graphic novels like Iron Man, Captian America, and Y the Last Man on Earth.

#19: Horror TV
Zeus and Tom shoot the bull about horror TV shows like Bates Motel, Hannibal, and Walking Dead.

#18: Coma
Zeus and Tom talk about their favorite TV shows, horror movies, and zombies.

#17: The Oscars and the Grouches
Zeus and Tom mull the nominees for this year's Academy Awards.

#16: Django Off the Hook
Zeus and Tom review Django Unchained, Tarantino talk, how to discipline your boys.

#15: A Man Amongst Anime
Jason joins Zeus and Tom again to tell his tale of travels throughout the far East.

#14: Christmas Show
Zeus and Tom are joined by special guest Jason to discuss Christmas toys, movies, and TV specials.

#13: Time Travel
Zeus and Tom discuss the new movie Looper, other time travel movies, and time travel tv shows.

#12: Sweet 16 of the Silver Screen
Zeus and Tom are joined by loyal listener and part-time producer Brian as they resume their movies tournament to determine the consensus top movie of all time.

#11: Movie Matchup Motherload
Zeus and Tom are joined by loyal listener and part-time producer Brian as they pit their favorite movies against another in tournament fashion to determine the consensus top movie of all time.

#10: Zeus Fought the Law
Zeus and Tom recap the fishing trip episode, discuss Zeus' run-in with the wrong arm of the law, pontificate on the new fantasy football season, and discuss some forgotten movies.

#9: Drunk 10 Movies of All Time
Zeus and Tom are joined by Uncle Quentin who gives us his favorite top 10 movies. Recorded at a campsite on our recent fishing trip to Catoctin, Maryland.

#8: Dwarf Wars
Zeus and Tom ponder the differce between dwarves, midgets, and fantasy realm dwarves; Marisa Tomei, fancy panhandlers, and movie villians.

#7: Poffogeist
We talk about noodling, Florida freaks, wrestlers in Florida including Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo, theme parks, and more forgotten movies.

#6: Top 10 Movies of All Time
Zeus and Tom talk about Jerry Jones and the glory hole days in Dallas, then we break down our top 10 favorite movies of all time.

#5: Would the Real Zeus and Tom Please Stand Up
We talk about ourselves a bit revealing the reasons we started the broadcast, the challenges of being Dads and still being active. We discuss unleashing your inner power through outer burnt feet, then we punch up about the best stand up comedians of all time.

#4: The Walking Dads
We talk about the Walking Dead, Ron Howard's worst movie, Andy Griffith plays a heel?, forgotten movies, Video Games, why we podcast.

#3: Episode VI: Return of the Batman
We excitedly recount our Dark Knight Rises viewing experience. Talk about the Aurora incident. And we introduce the Forgotten Movie segment.

#2: Episode V: The Rolling Stones Strike Back
Zeus and Tom wax philosophical about the Rolling Stones and the top 20 most memorable moments in TV history (or not).

#1: Episode IV: A New Hope for Two New Dopes
Welcome to the first episode where Zeus and Tom sit down in the den and talk about whatever pops into their heads. This show starts off with Tosh.0 being raped over the coals, then we move on to Batman and superhero movies hoisting the Oscar, and the 43rd annual Comic Con.