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Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Hilton Head, or ďHHIĒ as the bumper stickers say, is a unique beach town. They went out of their way to keep everything green and unpolluted by strip malls and the typical gaudy neon beachwear stores. All the stores are off the main road behind trees. Now, this is good and bad, itís visually pleasing, but a pain in the neck if youíre trying to find a particular store or restaurant and youíre not a local. In addition to the stores being hidden from direct view behind the trees, they all are required to use green and beige in their colors. For example, Target and KFC logos wonít be red and white, theyíll be green and beige. Wal-Mart is green instead of blue. You get the idea. So, a very different feel to this beach town. As far as the beach itself: itís a great piece of beach. Very packed sand. Packed enough to ride your bikes on it, which is unusual for a beach. They donít allow any stores on the beach. They donít have a boardwalk. So, while itís aesthetically pleasing, you canít get a cold soda and boardwalk fries when you want. The lighthouse and marina are not much worth seeing. The lighthouse is basically a two-story kwik-e-mart, hocking anything and everything from top to bottom. Not really much of a traditional lighthouse.

Ocean City, Maryland. Ocean City is a favorite beach destination of mine. Itís the nearest for the Washington, DC area. They have a great, long boardwalk with plenty of stores and restaurants. The beach itself is long and has plenty of room for a large amount of beachgoers. The hotels are plentiful and competitively priced. I really enjoyed my last stay at the Princess Royal Hotel. They have those ComfortSoft beds. And fully equipped suites. Really nice.Parking is also plentiful. Around the town of Ocean City, there are plenty of eateries and shopping opportunities. Great beach!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Perhaps my favorite beach of all is Myrtle Beach. They have easy access to the beaches. They have a lot of stores and attractions. They have the Broadway Boardwalk, which is not on the beach, but nearby. Broadway has many restaurants, theatres, and stores. Thereís even an IMAX theatre on the Myrtle Beach Broadway.

Assateague Island, Maryland. Just south of Ocean City, you will find Assateague Island. The island is more famous for its wild pony population, but there are also beaches. The beaches are pure and naturalÖno boardwalks or gaudy storesÖjust you, the sand, and the ocean. You can fish here, or if youíre lucky, you can spot dolphins headed up the coast from the beach like I did.

Surf City Beach, North Carolina. Between the Outer Banks and Myrtle Beach, there's a nice little beach called Surf City. Well worth the visit. Plenty of sand, and a beach town atmosphere.

Surf City Beach, North Carolina

Trish Stratus does Yoga
Travel show hostess Trish Stratus, from the Discovery channel, has opened her own yoga studio in Toronto called Stratusphere. Trish Stratus' discovery channel travel show is also dubbed Stratusphere. Trish Stratus, the former WWE ladies wrestling champion, is developing a new workout game for the Nintendo Wii to be called Stratusphere Yoga.
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RIU Mexico: I stayed at the RIU Mexico hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I had a wonderful time. The staff was courteous. They all spoke English. They kept the rooms and grounds extremely clean. They attended to the wants and needs of the guests constantly. The food was ok, not spectacular. I would highly recommend the all-inclusive package. It was great to be able to walk up to breakfast, lunch, dinner, have full room service, and all the drinks you can handle without worrying about money. The beach was great. Aqua blue water. The hotel is in a gated area, so itís really safe and clean. Itís within walking distance of a nice small town with some interesting gift shops and restaurants. I would go back in a heartbeat.

Rental Cars

Enterprise Rent-a-Car: I have had good experiences with Enterprise. They always seem to have the kind of car I want available for me. They have relatively cheap prices.


Most Popular State Parks in Hawaii: AP: A new survey by the Hawaii Tourism Authority shows four of the state's 10 most popular state parks are on Kauai: Wailua State Park, Haena State Park; Waimea Canyon; and the Napali Coast. The most frequently visited park site, however, is the Pali Lookout on Oahu, also known as Nu'uanu Pali State Wayside.

Best Hawaii travel websites: I found three really great websites to help plan my trip to Hawaii: gohawaii.com, Hawaii-guide.com, and hawaiiactivities.com. These three sites offer great advice on where to go while vacationing in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Sites to See: Pearl Harbor. At the Pearl Harbor Arizona Memorial, you can pay homage to the fallen heroes of WWII.

Places to Stay in Maui: I'm looking forward to staying at the Maui Coast Hotel in Maui, Hawaii.

The perfect 2-week Hawaii Vacation Itinerary I planned a two week vacation in Hawaii and laid out the perfect itinerary. Feel free to borrow it:
Hawaii Itinerary Template

Statues of Soldiers on Horseback: When you are travelling and you see statues of soldiers on horseback, here's a tip on deciphering their meaning. If both front legs of the horse are off the ground, then the soldier died in battle. If just one hoof is off the ground, then the soldier died later due to wounds suffered in battle. If all four horseshoes are on the ground, then the soldier died from non-battle causes.

Statues of Soldiers on Horseback



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