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jungle speed board game

Jungle Speed: A new fun board game that I played recently is Jungle Speed. This is a really fun game. The idea is simple. Basically, you have a deck of cards with symbols on them. Divide the cards between all the players. Thereís a totem placed in the middle of the table. Each player takes turns putting out a card. When thereís a match, the players that have the match try to grab the totem. If you donít get the totem, you take the cards. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. There are a few twists and other stipulations, but thatís the basic idea. Jungle Speed is a whole lot of fun and will have the whole group laughing. Itís an easy game to learn and fun to play because you get involved physically trying to grab the totem. lol. The version I have was made in Poland, but Iím sure itís available in other languages as well. Highly recommend this one if you are looking for a new board game to play. Posted 01-25-08.

Pictionary: A favorite game of mine is pictionary. You need at least four people to play this. The game is simple. You pair off into teams and compete against each other by having one team member draw and the other team member try to guess what is being drawn. Very fun to play, not to mention all the laughs you get just by seeing how poorly some people draw. Posted 01-26-08.

Catch Phrase: If you have never played Catch Phrase, you should definitely try it. This is a favorite of mine. Basically, you pair off into teams, and one team member gives clues to the other in order to try to get them to say a particular phrase. Each team takes turns while a timer runs down. Whichever team is up when the timer runs out loses that round. But not before the other team gets a chance to steal that last clue and get an extra point. Itís a whole lot of fun. The electronic version is great and easy to play, but the original board game version is just as good. The ticking timer in the electronic version adds to the tension and fun. Posted 01-27-08.

Clue: I was really disappointed with Clue. The mystery needs to be more than just a logical puzzle. I love the idea and the romanticism of Clue, but Hasbro has to make the game more challenging. Posted 01-30-08.

Doctor Who Board Game: There is now a Doctor Who board game based on the revived BBC tv series.

doctor who board game

Monopoly: Obviously, the granddaddy of board games is Monopoly. Everyone should have one in their home. Monopoly, if you donít know, is a game based on accumulating real estate. It helps kids to learn how to handle money. The object of the game is to gather as much property and money as you can. Posted 02-02-08.

Blokus: One very challenging strategy game is Blokus. Each player takes turns putting pieces down on the board trying to block their opponents and at the same time leave room for themselves to continue to move. Great game. Posted 3-26-08.

Scattergories: Another great game is Scattergories. In this game, you try to think of words or names that start with a given letter. Itís tougher than you might imagine. Posted 7-17-08.

Trish Stratus does Yoga
From WWE to Wii: Trish Stratus stars in Wii Yoga Game

From WWE to WII: Trish Stratus, a Discovery channel TV hostess and former WWE wrestling champion, has opened her own yoga studio in Toronto called Stratusphere. Trish's discovery channel travel show is also dubbed Stratusphere. Trish Stratus is developing a new workout game for the Nintendo Wii to be called Stratusphere Yoga. Click here for more on Trish Stratus.

Crime City game app for the iPhone

Crime City is a fun and addictive game application made by a company called Funzio for the iPhone. Click here for more on Crime City. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks for Crime City players.



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