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Ghost Hunters * Kris Williams

Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and Ghost Hunters Academy:

   Ghost Hunters had their 2010 premier on Wednesday night, March 3 at Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco. Josh Gates hosted the show, doing Q&A with the TAPS team in between segments. Members of GHI joined the group on stage, including Barry "Dear God!" Fitzgerald. Unfortunately, nothing from the Alcatraz investigation really stood out. They caught some sketchy audio, but nothing too impressive.
   Ghost Hunters Academy will premiere on Wednesday, November 11, 2009 with TAPS veterans Steve and Tango coaching up the next generation of paranormal investigators. Click here for more on Steve and Tango

   I’m a huge fan of the Ghost Hunters series, but I have to say, I’m disappointed with the new Ghost Hunters International version. The personalities are not as entertaining to watch, except for Brian Harnois. Brian is one of the most enjoyable characters to watch. You’ll often see him take off chasing shadows. But without Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson to keep Brian in check, he gets too carried away. Another problem with GHI is that the lead investigators almost always end up declaring each place as definitely haunted. And usually based on scant evidence. I think Andy Andrews is too easily mislead into believing something is paranormal, even though he purports to be the great debunker. I do like Barry Fitzgerald, although he can be overly dramatic at times. I don’t think the leader of GHI, Rob Demarest, is up to the job. He isn’t personable and doesn’t deal with the clients well. Posted Jan. 27, 2008.
The St. Augustine Lighthouse: The Ghost Hunters episode featuring the St. Augustine Lighthouse was one of my favorites. There was so much activity experienced and captured for evidence. There were apparent shadow apparitions seen and there were EVP’s that were corroborated by the history of the lighthouse. Posted 02-01-08.
Another great episode was The Stanley Hotel episode from Season 3. This is the one where Jason went to sleep in his room and the closet door opened and closed on its own and the glass sitting on the table beside his bed shattered. Posted 02-03-08.
One of Ghost Hunters’ most controversial shows was probably the one at Eastern State Penitentiary. This was the episode where they caught an anomalous black mass move towards and away from one of their fixed night vision cameras. Posted 02-04-08.
The 2008 season premiere of Ghost Hunters was one of their most interesting shows. They investigated Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The wife of a former officer stationed at the fort, Elizabeth Pratt, committed suicide at the site after her daughter passed away. While investigation, Jason Hawes heard someone saying “mommy.” The voice later showed up on their EVP distinctly saying “mommy” twice. But the more interesting part was in the recently discovered solitary confinement dungeon where murderer and deserter William H. Howell was held. Grant Wilson jumps when he sees a face. They hear a lot of rustling and movement but cannot see anything. Later, Jason and Grant send investigator-in-training Kris Williams down into the dungeon alone (real nice guys). She gets scared after a few minutes and bails. The same thing happens when Dave Tango goes down there alone as well. There was another funny “Steve sees a spider and jumps” moment in this episode. That always cracks me up. Another funny moment in this episode was when Steve dared Tango to crawl into a crawlspace with spiderwebs, spiders, and bugs. Tango did it, and collected $60 from Steve. Very funny. And finally, their thermal camera caught the image of a human figure standing next to a stove in the barracks area. Very good episode.

Jason Hawes from SciFi's Ghost Hunters interviewed on Ghosts are Near
with hosts Keith Johnson, Sandra Johnson, and Carl Johnson


Mantracker is a favorite new show of mine. The show is filmed in Canada and exported to the Discovery Science channel here in the US. Mantracker pits two contestants against an expert tracker. The contestants, or prey, have 36 hours to make it from the starting point to the finish, which is generally about 35-40 kilometers away before Mantracker tracks them down. Mantracker starts two miles behind the prey on his horse. Both start when a flare is fired into the air. Mantracker will have a partner on each episode, but it's not always the same guy. Mantracker catches about 70% of the prey.
Mantracker is Terry Grant. a real life cowboy who contributes to search and rescue missions. If he gets annoyed with his prey, you may hear him refer to them as buttonheads. Great show. Highly entertaining.

American Pickers

American Pickers is a great show. Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe travel the country stopping at any house where the junk is piled up on the loan. They pick through the junk and find things they can resell for a profit. It's like Antiques Roadshow on wheels. I like when Mike says, "Will you take a hunge for that? Will you do a hunge?"
Frank has a cat named Army, and Mike has two dogs named Rudy and Scout. Their office assistant is Danielle. She gives them leads on places to pick. Mike is always in search of the honey hole, the perfect pick.
The pickers travel the backroads of America looking for rusty gold. They look for amazing things buried in people's garages and barns. What most people see as junk. They see as dollar signs. They'll buy anything...they think they can make a buck on. Each item they pick has a history all its own, and the people they meet are a breed all their own. They make a living telling the history of America one piece at a time.

Call of the Wildman

Call of the Wildman is a new show on Animal Planet featuring Ernie "The Turtleman" Brown, Jr. Turtleman makes a living (and a legend) out of trapping and rescuing wild animals. Go to the Turtle Man page to learn more.

Selena Gomez * Wizards of Waverly Place * Selena Gomez at home

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez plays the part of Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena Gomez has also branched out into a budding singing career. Her band, Selena Gomez and the Scene, released their first album in 2009.

The Two Coreys

One of my favorite sins on tv is The Two Coreys, an A&E reality tv show that follows the current lives of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. The show is in its second season now. The Two Coreys provides a lot of laughs and unexpectedly, a lot of drama, because apparently these two guys cannot get along for any length of time. They continually have blow ups and fights. They are in therapy together. I don't know how much longer the show will be able to stay on the air if the two former child stars can't stand each other's company. Corey Haim is battling his own inner demons, while Corey Feldman tries to move on with his life and wife Susie Feldman.

Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant

I’m also a big fan of this Scott Baio reality show. I watched the first season, which was called Scott Baio is 45 and Single, and was glad to see the show come back. Scott is funny, and I like seeing his approach to life’s problems. I had to laugh out loud when he was at the Daddy Class, learning how to be an expectant father, and the teacher showed a video of a woman giving birth, and Scott said it was like seeing a sasquatch give birth. lol. One of my odd pleasures is seeing Scott’s weird friend Johnny V. Johnny V is a braggart who leaches off of Scott’s celebrity. As Scott says, his best pickup line is “Hey girls, would you like to meet my friend Scott Baio.” On one episode, Scott’s group of friends pays a visit to Johnny V’s apartment where they find him wallowing in garbage, with employment ads posted on the wall, Johnny V’s on the couch in his long johns and a robe, very reminiscent of Fred Sanford, with an open can of catfood on the coffee table in front of him. Jason Hervey points out, “Johnny, you don’t have a cat!” Johnny V says “Hey, living it Johnny V style.” lol. Great show.
Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant: I thought the season finale was great. The wedding worked out eventually. Scott had a lot of trouble planning it. At the end, we get a sneak peek at next season when the daughter-in-law announces that she will be moving in with Scott and his new bride.

Scooby Doo

A episode of Scooby Doo title "Uncle Scooby and Antarctica" featured an MXPX song during the chase scene. The MXPX song was "Southbound".

Celebrity Apprentice

Recap: After watching the January 17, 2008 episode of Celebrity Apprentice (Episode 3 of this season where the teams competed with Kodak displays), I got the impression that Gene Simmons purposely got himself fired at the end. He intentionally picked Omarosa and Jennie to take back to the boardroom with him, instead of Nely or Carol, and Donald Trump was forced to fire Gene. Trump would have surely fired Nely or Carol before firing Gene. I think Gene Simmons had had enough of the games and wanted out. You could see it on his face.
Who is Omarosa? Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth was originally a contestant on the first “Apprentice” season back in 2004 before returning for Celebrity Apprentice in 2008. I also saw her profiled on Discovery Channel’s “Plastic Surgery Before and After” show. She got a boob job, going from A Cup to D Cup. Who did Omarosa’s boob job? Dr. Michael Niccole and Dr. Ghada Afafi of Newport Beach, California. “These folks specialize in women of color,” Omarosa said.
Who is Nely? Nely Galan is former entertainment president of the Telemundo network and was executive producer of FOX’s extreme makeover show “The Swan”.
Who is Jennie? That’s Jennie Finch from the USA Olympic softball team.
Who is Carol? That’s supermodel Carol Alt.
Who is Gene? Are you kidding? That’s Gene Simmons, bass player/singer from the world famous rock band KISS.

Celebrity Apprentice: recap: After watching the January 24, 2008 episode of Celebrity Apprentice (Episode 4 of this season where the teams competed selling Broadway tickets), I felt bad for the girls. They could have won if the Virgin Airlines stewardesses had come two minutes later, or if Nely’s donors had gotten back on time. It was that close. But now the girls have lost four in a row and Jennie Finch ended up being fired mainly because she was a nice girl in a vicious boardroom atmosphere. I think the girls would have been better off to fire Omarose because as Carol Alt said, she is the cancer on the team. If the Yankees can fire Joe Torre, then Apprentice can fire Omarosa. They should have cut ties with her, and moved on in a new direction with a new leader.
Celebrity Apprentice: recap: The January 31 Episode where the teams compete to get Croc shoe donations: Vinny Pastore seems to be living in a dream world. Like Marilou Henner said, “He thinks he’s still on the Sopranos.” Vinny kept making mob references like “rat” and “captain”. Piers convinced him to spy on the girls, then he joined the girls, then fed info to the guys, but still claimed to be favoring the girls. In the end, Vinny bowed out on his own, and no one got fired.
Celebrity Apprentice: recap: Episode 6: The February 7 Episode where the teams compete designing window displays for Vera Wang and Serta mattresses. Lennox Lewis is the project manager for the guys, and he runs a tight ship by making everyone raise their hand and be granted permission to speak before they can talk. This draws a clash with Piers Morgan. But the guys end up winning again. Trace Adkins added his usual brilliance. Nely ends up getting fired.
Celebrity Apprentice: recap: Episode 7: The February 14 Episode The teams were shuffled to try to make them more evenly matched. Hydra had been beating Impresario regularly. Piers, Omarosa, Lennox, and Carol were assigned to Hydra. Trace, Baldwin, Marylou, and Tito were assigned to Impresario. The contest for this episode was to sell carriage rides in Central Park. Trace did an excellent job leading his team, while Piers Morgan was the project manager for Hydra. Piers asked the team to bring in the big dollars through their celebrity friends and contacts. He knew that this would bring down Omarosa because she has no celebrity friends or contacts. So, Piers (spelled correctly) squared off with Omarosa relentlessly in this episode. Omarosa knew she would be the weakest earner, so she turned to a plan of sabotaging Piers’ efforts as project manager. Omarosa was being completely uncooperative with anything that Piers asked of his team, she was being belligerent and nasty at every opportunity. Despite all of this, team Hydra won again. They raised 37 thousand to 29 thousand for Impresario. Donald Trump was really ready to fire Omarosa, but he couldn’t. In the end, all 4 members of the losing team were just too equal and too nice to fire any of them, so Donald, for the first time in the history of The Apprentice, fired nobody.
Celebrity Apprentice: recap: Episode 8: The February 21 Episode. This week, the teams compete to sell products on the QVC Shopping Channel. Hydra, now consisting of Project Manager Marilou Henner, Piers Morgan, Lennox Lewis, and Carol Alt, decide to sell a step ladder/dolly combo product. Impresario, which now consists of Project Manager Baldwin, Omarosa, Trace Adkins, and Tito Ortiz also wanted to sell the ladder/dolly but lost a coin flip and had to go with their second choice, a sweeper. Marilou put herself on the air for Hydra, but talked over her co-host and the callers with all of her enthusiasm for the product, causing Hydra to lose a close one to Impresario who chose to put smooth talking Trace on the air to sell the sweeper. They also made a smart choice going with the easy payment system for buyers, while Hydra claimed they didn’t know about easy pay, even though both Carol and Marilou had been on QVC before. So, Marilou ended up getting fired for coming up short.
Look like you didn't get fired with a Donald Trump Men's Tie Clip.
Celebrity Apprentice: recap: Episode 9: The February 28, 2008 Episode: In this episode, Carol Alt and Tito Ortiz square off as the project managers in a contest of designing a print ad for Dial soap that would go in Redbook magazine. Tito seemed clueless and let Stephen Baldwin provide most of the ideas for his team. Trace Adkins was thrown in as the model into an attempted sexy ad layout, but Carol Alt’s beauty prevails. And Tito, "You’re fired."
Celebrity Apprentice: recap: Episode 10: The March 6, 2008 Episode: This is the mother of all Celebrity Apprentice episodes. The contest: sell artwork in a swank gallery. Omarose steps up to the plate by volunteering to be the project manager for Impresario because this is the challenge that caused her to be fired on her last appearance on Donald Trump’s Apprentice. Naturally, Piers Morgan jumps at the chance to go head to head with his nemesis, so he is the project manager for Hydra. Piers calls in all his heavy hitter celebrity friends, contacts, and backers to sell $160K worth of art. He smartly chose a new age visual artist which allowed him to sell multiple editions of each piece. Meanwhile, Omarosa’s team only sold 3 pieces in the biggest landslide in Apprentice history. A triumphant victory for Piers. He couldn’t be happier. Omarosa scrambles in the board room attempting to blame Baldwin for not doing enough. She even goes so far as to throw insults at Piers again, saying that she believes he is in the closet. This draws the ire of The Donald and Trump invites Piers back into the board room to defend himself. Piers promptly marches in and gives a big kiss to the cheek of Trace. Very funny. Trace is bewildered but Trump assures him that Piers was joking. Omarose…you’re fired! Finally, the witch is dead.
Celebrity Apprentice: recap: Episode 11: The final five compete to sell Quizno's subs. They have to design and sell them for $2 each. No rolodex! The teams are Piers, Carol, and Lennox vs. Trace and Stephen. Carol has trouble getting the flyers printed for her team and Piers refers to it as a "technological cockup". lol. Once again, Piers sells out Lennox as "the champ", "come meet the champ". They even name their sandwich creation "the champ". Trace and Stephen do a great job, but come up short, and someone has to go, so "Stephen Baldwin: You're fired!".
Celebrity Apprentice: recap: Episode 12: The final four are grilled in individual interviews. Lennox struggles with the interviews and gets fired basically because he was "too calm." Then Trump fires Carol Alt simply because he wants to see Trace vs. Piers in the final. "I don't think they like each other," he says. Lennox and Marilou Henner return to team up with Trace Adkins taking on Piers Morgan who teams with Carol Alt and Stephen Baldwin. The challenge is to put on a fundraiser show. Trace agrees to do the show part, Piers will do the auction part. Trace's interaction with the charity performers The Backstreet Boys is very funny. He is incredulous at their green room demands. Meanwhile, Baldwin is indifferent towards whether or not Piers wins.
Celebrity Apprentice: recap: Episode 12: The Finale! The boardroom is live in front of a studio audience! "Good vs. Evil" "UK vs. USA" Piers vs. Trace. Piers does great with the auction items. Trace does well with the tickets. Trump teases Piers for sweating again. All in all, it was Piers Morgan's overall ability to draw in the money and outperform everyone...your Celebrity Apprentice...Piers Morgan!

So You Think You Can Dance Alexie AgdeppaSo You Think You Can Dance Alexie
Alexie Agdeppa demonstrates her signature dance move for So You Think You Can Dance fans, dancing in fashionable leather panties and shear top.

Trish Stratus does Yoga
Discovery Channel TV hostess Trish Stratus, the former WWE wrestling champion, has opened her own yoga studio in Toronto called Stratusphere. Trish's discovery channel travel show is also dubbed Stratusphere. Trish Stratus is developing a new workout game for the Nintendo Wii to be called Stratusphere Yoga.
Click here for more on Trish Stratus.



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