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Behind the scenes CBS Survivor

Learn all the behind the scenes secrets of CBS Survivor. What goes into making the show, where are they now, and what really happens on the island? Go to the CBS Survivor page to learn more.

Survivor Season 20: Heroes vs. Villians

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians cast.

   The Survivor Heroes vs. Villians kicks off on Thursday night, February 11, 2010. The cast is as follows:


Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands, All-Stars): Voted out on Episode 13, 6th member of Jury
James Clement (China, Fans vs. Favorites): Voted out at the 2nd triblal council of Episode 6
Colby Donaldson (Australian Outback, All-Stars): Voted out at the 1st Tribal Council of Episode 14 (Finale), 8th member of Jury
Cirie Fields (Panama, Fans vs. Favorites): blind-sided by JT, Tom, and Colby on Episode 4
Amanda Kimmel (China, Fans vs. Favorites): Voted out on Episode 11, 4th member of Jury
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper (Gabon): Voted out on Episode 1.
Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau, Guatemala): Voted out on Episode 2
JT Thomas (Tocantins): Voted out on Episode 10, 3rd member of jury
Tom Westman (Palau): Voted out on Episode 5
Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands): Voted out at the 1st Tribal Council of Episode 12, 5th member of Jury

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians cast.


Tyson Apostol (Tocantins): Voted out at the 1st tribal council of Episode 6
Randy Bailey (Gabon): Voted out on Episode 3
Sandra Diaz (Pearl Islands): Winner 6 Votes!!
Danielle DiLorenzo (Panama): Voted out at the 2nd tribal council of Episode 12, 7th member of jury
Russell Hantz (Samoa): finished 3rd place 0 votes
Jerri Manthey (Australian Outback): Voted out at the 2nd Tribal Council of Episode 14 (Finale), 9th member of jury.
Boston Rob Mariano (Marquesas, All-Stars): Voted out on Episode 7
Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands, Fans vs. Favorites): finished 2nd place with 3 votes
Benjamin "Coach" Wade (Tocantins): Voted out on Episode 8, 1st member of Jury
Courtney Yates (China): Voted out Episode 9, 2nd member of Jury

Discussion of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians

Although the villians have the more colorful and entertaining group, I think the heroes have the strength (Rupert, James, Colby, Stephanie, JT, and Tom). Unless these groups mix or merge quickly, I think the heroes will dominate the immunity challenges. Also, I think the villians are not likely to care for keeping up their camp (Boston Rob especially), so they will be weak due to that as well. I think the first few Survivors to be voted off will be from the Villians tribe. It's hard to say who will go first, but my guess would be Jerri or Randy. Posted 02-11-10 7:09pm.

Episode 1 Recap: February 11, 2010

   The game started with a bang...a physical reward challenge right off the bat. Coach rode Colby to the finish line, and Sugar spiced up the challenge by going topless (with the help of Sandra). Sandra stupidly undid Sugar's bra, then when Sugar tried to break away, Sandra grabbed the bra to try to hold her back. Duh. Also in this first reward challenge, Stephanie dislocated her shoulder and Rupert broke one of his toes. The medic popped Stephanie's shoulder back in and she continued. What a gal. In the immunity challenge, the villians came from behind (and I mean way behind) to win immunity. The heroes were off to a strong start in the boat building and rowing portion of the challenge, but they stalled with the puzzle portion. The villians won.
   Boston Rob impressed everyone by starting a fire without flint. Russell was up to his old tricks chatting up each girl on the tribe promising to go to the final two with them. Apparently, Heroes and Villians was filmed prior to Survivor Samoa airing on television, so I don't think the players are fully aware of what Russell's m.o. will be. Meanwhile, on the Heroes beach, the Heroes tribe paired off into familiar alliances...Stephanie and Tom, Cirie and Amanda, then J.T. reached out to James, and Colby reached out to Candice. Sugar annoyed everyone with her night chatter and volitile emotions, which probably led to her being the first voted off.

Courtney rocks * Sugar spices up Survivor

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 2 Recap. Feb. 18, 2010. On the Villians tribe, Boston Rob is taking on so much of the workload that he passes out. The medics check him out and conclude that he had the flu, so Rob stays in the game. At the immunity challenge, Boston Rob leads his team to victory by powering the heavy blocks into place and leading them to solve the puzzle. The Heroes struggled. Despite agreeing to follow the "one voice" of J.T. who had won this same challenge during his season, Stephanie bickers with J.T. causing them to lose. James is disgusted and calls out Stephanie. At tribal council, Colby and Tom come to Stephanie's defense and get James to back down a bit, but it's not enough to save her...Stephanie is the second to get voted.

Boston Rob passes out then steps up.

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 3 Recap. Feb. 25, 2010. Russell is unhappy with Boston Rob's influence. He boasts "Nobody knows who they messin with round here. It's Russell Hantz! Gimme a break!" He then decides to stir things up by burying the machete while the rest of the tribe sleeps. He goes on to threaten to take away Boston Rob's trademark cap. "I don't even like the Boston Red Sox," Russell says, "It's the Houston Astros, baby!"
   At the immunity/reward challenge, the Heroes annihilate the Villians 8-0. Their size and strentgh helped them push the Villians off the platform and into the mud one by one. Despite widespread worries about Parvati, Randy ends up being the one voted off at tribal council because he hadn't made any alliances.

Russell buries the hatchett (machete) * Parvati flirts

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 4 Recap. March 4, 2010. Coach breaks down to Tyson. He cries and tells him he wants to quit because nobody likes him. When Rob finds out, he encourages Coach to stick it out. The Villians win the reward challenge and find a clue to a hidden immunity idol in their tool kit. The Villians agree that the idol should not be used and that whoever finds it will be voted out. Russell blatantly goes looking for the idol at the dismay of the rest of the tribe.
   Meanwhile, the Heroes also find a clue to a hidden immunity idol on their beach. The clue was in the jar of coffee beans that they had won on the last episode. The Heroes made no agreement about the idol, and each one set out to find it themselves. Tom ended up finding it. After losing the immunity challenge, Tom and Colby convinced J.T. to vote against the scheming Cerie.

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 5 Recap. March 11, 2010. J.T. explained the Cerie vote as pure strategy. He promised he was still with the main Heroes alliance. Despite the Heroes focus and determination to win, the Villians won another physical reward challenge by throwing coconuts into baskets. During the challenge, James suffered a knee injury that hobbled him for the rest of the show. The Villians reward sent them on a trip to a swimming hole and had a chocolate feast.
   Later, Russell finally uncovers the hidden immunity idol after digging around the tree for nearly 3 days. He tells Parvati, then tells Coach. Coach is impressed with Russell's trust in him and vows to be on Russell's side. Coach even kneeled to Russell and allowed Russell to "knight" him. At the immunity challenge, the Villians win again thanks to another good job of puzzle solving and leadership by Boston Rob.
   Although Candice was willing to vote against James because he had become dead weight, J.T. proves his loyalty to James, Amanda, and Rupert by voting with them against Tom.

The Dragon Slayer kneels to the King of Survivor

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 6 Recap. March 24, 2010. After a week off due to the NCAA basketball tournament on CBS, Survivor returns with an outstanding episode. The Heroes and Villians gather for an immunity and reward combo challenge. The survivors race through a rope course for individual immunity on their respective tribes. Both tribes will go to tribal council. One survivor on each tribe will have individual immunity and the overall winner will allow his tribe to watch the other tribe's tribal council while feasting on hot dogs.
   Candice surprisingly wins immunity amongst the Heroes. James with a bad knee and Rupert with a bad toe both finish ahead of Colby. Candice, however loses to Boston Rob in the duel for reward. The Villians will go to council first. Rob convinces his alliance to flush out the idol by splitting their vote 3 for Russell and 3 for Parvati. Russell senses this move saying, "I'm not stupid." He counters by taking Tyson aside and convincing him that he has given up and will vote along with the majority against Parvati. Tyson falls for it and switches his vote to Parvati. Russell boldly plays the idol at tribal council by giving it to Parvati. The 4 votes against her do not count. Russell gets 2 votes but survives when he, Parvati, and Danielle vote for Tyson.
   At the Heroes tribal council, Colby admits that his performance has been lacking. James calls Colby, "Superman in a fat suit." Yet, James is voted out because his leg is not improving.

Russell boldly gives the idol to Parvati

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 7 Recap. April 1, 2010. Colby is determined to prove that the Heroes made the right choice by keeping him. He leads the Heroes to victories in both the basketball-style reward challenge and the trampoline-running, rope-climbing, puzzle solving immunity challenge. The evil trio, Russell, Parvati, and Danielle all sit out of the immunity challenge. Boston Rob and Sandra struggle with the puzzle while Courtney struggled with the trampoline portion. After the loss, Boston Rob asks Russell who should be voted out and he plainly states, "One of these two," while pointed at Courtney and Sandra. This was right in front of Courtney and Sandra. They laughed it off thinking they still had the numbers over this crazy stategist, but Russell's group soon garnered Jerri's vote. Rob worked on Coach coaxing him into giving his word to vote against Russell. Coach breaks this bond but doesn't go along with Russell either. He votes for the good of the tribe by voting for the weakest link, Courtney. Russell's 4 votes against Rob send him packing.

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 8 Recap. April 8, 2010. JT finds a hidden immunity idol but is discovered by Amanda before he can hide it. This forces him to say that the idol is for the whole tribe.
   The Villians misinterpret the treemail and think a merge is coming. They bring all their stuff to the reward challenge only to have to carry it back to camp when Jeff says, "Drop...your...expectations."
   The Heroes see that Boston Rob has been voted out and mistakenly assume that there's an all-girl alliance within the Villians tribe.
   Sandra and Courtney are the outsiders so Sandra plants a bug in Russell's ear that Coach is gunning for him. It works. When the Villians lose the mud obstacle course immunity challenge, Russell votes off the Dragon Slayer in part to keep the Heroes thinking that there really is an all-girl alliance.

Is it Rupert or Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean?

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 9 Recap. April 15, 2010. Jeff announces that Amanda is the first person to reach 100 days of playing Survivor while the Villians win the foothold endurance reward challenge that sends them on an Outback Steakhouse feast. During the feast, Parvati finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol in her napkin. She shares the clue with Danielle and they later find the idol together. Parvati keeps this idol a secret from Russell. She says, "Russell is the king, and I'm the queen."
   Meanwhile, JT and the Heroes devise a scheme to slip their hidden immunity idol to Russell. Candice and Amanda are skeptical of this plan, but allow it to go forward because the want the idol out of JT's hands. JT gives it to Russell after the Heroes win their 3rd straight immunity challenge. Courtney is voted out and on her way out says, "Good luck, bitches. See you later."

Russell collects another idol

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 10 Recap. April 22, 2010. The 5 remaining Heroes merge with the 5 remaining Villians. The Heroes expected Parvati to be gone, but she shows up. Russell tells them that Parvati also played an idol and that's why she's still there. Meanwhile, Sandra tried to tell Rupert that Russell is really running the show, but the Heroes are not sure who to believe. Rupert convinces the Heroes to throw a curveball with their vote just in case Russell is lying to them. JT says, "There's a reason why I'm doing Rupert's strategical thinking."
   Danielle won the first individual immunity challenge by hanging onto a pole longer than Candice and Parvati. Before Tribal Council, Amanda urges her old friend Parvati to play her idol. Parvati senses that Amanda is lying to her. Russell gives his idol to Parvati to protect her. Russell is safe because the Heroes are still hoping he's on their side. Danielle won immunity. The Heroes suspect Parvati might have an idol, so there swerve vote would have to go against Sandra or Jerri. Since Rupert thinks Sandra may be telling the truth about being on the outside of the Villians alliance, Jerri would be the logical choice for a swerve vote. In a stunning move at Tribal Council, Parvati gives away both hidden immunity idols...one to Jerri and one to Sandra. The Heroes votes against Jerri do not count and JT goes to the jury.

Parvati Shallow proves she is not just a pretty face.

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 11 Recap. April 29, 2010. Russell convinces Candice to jump to the Villians with promises of getting further in the game. Danielle, Amanda, and Colby win the shuffleboard reward challenge and go to stay at Rober Louis Stevenson's home and watch a screening of Treasure Island. While Colby munches popcorn and watches the movie, Danielle and Amanda are convinced there's a clue to the next hidden immunity idol somewhere. Danielle finds the clue in the popcorn and tries to hide it, but Amanda senses she found something and goes over and grabs it. They end up wrestling over the clue, but Colby says to let Danielle have it since she saw it first. Danielle said, "Colby, did you see what she did?" Colby said, "I didn't even see what happened. I was watching Treasure Island." lol. When they get back to camp, Danielle shares the clue with her alliance. Russell ends up finding the idol in after looking for about 5 seconds. He runs off with it leaving Danielle there in the rain frantically searching under rocks in a streambed while rain pours down. Poor Danielle.
   Jerri wins the immunity challenge by building a 10 foot house of cards. Sandra is willing to jump to the Heroes, but with Candice jumping to the Villians it wouldn't do any good, so Sandra and Candice vote with the Villians and send Amanda home.

Danielle and Amanda wrestle for the clue to the hidden immunity idol.

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 12 Recap. May 6, 2010. Rupert tries to expose Russell to the remaining survivors by calling him disgusting. Russell tells Rupert, "You're such a dumbass." Then says, "Get your tie dye ready. You're going home."
   Parvati wins the immunity challenge where they had to hold their arms up to keep a bucket of paint from spilling over onto them. After the challenge, Jeff Probst reads a clue to another hidden immunity idol. Sandra finds the idol, but Rupert pretends he found it by putting a rock in his pocket. Russell sees the bulge and based on his experience with idols is convinced that Rupert has it. This steers the vote to Candice.
   At the second immunity challenge of this episode, Russell wins the peg climbing challenge and then, inexplicably, targets Danielle to break up her friendship with Parvati. Russell enlists the help of Rupert, Colby, and Jerri to vote Danielle out.

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 13 Recap. May 13, 2010. The tribe's family members join them to compete in a water tossing reward challenge that Jerri wins. She chooses Parvati and Sandra to share in the reward with her which pisses off Russell. Rupert annoys the tribe with his late night work around camp yet it's Parvati that Russell wants to vote out next. Unfortunately, Parvati wins the pole balancing immunity challenge forcing them to vote for Rupert instead.

   Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Episode 14 Finale Recap. May 16, 2010. Parvati wins the plate stacking immunity challenge which leaves Colby as the only choice to be voted out at the 1st Tribal Council. In the final immunity challenge, Russell wins a blind-folded maze challenge. Strategically, Russell thinks he should keep Sandra and Jerri, but decides to vote out Jerri instead. Parvati, Sandra, and Russell are the final 3!
   Before they go to the jury, Sandra pulls a Russell-esque move and burns Russell's hat. At the council, the jury is impressed by Parvati, they despise Russell, and respect Sandra. Your winner...SANDRA!!!

   The next season of Survivor is set to take place in Guatamala and will air in the latter half of 2010.

Russell Hantz, the King of Survivor, lost to Sandra.



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