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June 20, 2010: Obama is being criticized for too much policy and not enough engineering in response to the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama smiles while oil spillsThe BP Oil Leak
President Barack Obama enjoys the Nationals-White Sox baseball game on June 18, 2010 while 100,000 barrells of oil spill into the gulf each day.

Obama's Look-Alike

What does Obama look like? Obama does have a look-alike: Obama looks like a skrull...a dead on double of a skrull from the Fantastic Four? I think the resemblance is undeniable…green skin, purple lips, thick eyebrows, close cropped hair, pointy ears. Come on. Obama looks like a Marvel skrull. Posted 3-23-08.

Obama's Look Alike
Obama Look Alike Skrull

Funny Obama Slogans

If you're tired of seeing the Obama bumper stickers, then you might like these:

Funny Obama Slogans
Funny Obama Slogans

More Funny Anti-Obama Slogans
More Funny Obama Slogans that parody the Obama bumper stickers as seen on many cashed-in clunkers.

Obama close.

As Obama gets closer to an election day win, McCain gains about a point in the polls over the weekend. McCain will need a "surge" to pull off the win. One of the mechanics of the surge, however, Colin Powell, just endoresed Obama today. McCain has had endorsements from former Secretaries of State as well, including Kissinger. Voters will have to decide if they can really trust Barrack. Posted 10-19-08.

As of October 23, 2008, Barack Obama is leading John McCain 50.0 to 42.8% in the polls.

2008 Campaign Log

During the recent Democratic debates leading up to the New Hampshire primary, candidate Hilary Clinton was asked how she would handle the situation in Iraq. Her response was that after she was elected president, she would form a committee to look into, and then see if they could formulate a solution. My reaction was, “What? She’s running for president and she has no idea what she wants to do with Iraq?” Posted Jan. 25, 2008
I’ve heard one of Barrack Obama’s recent speeches on XM Radio’s POTUS ’08 station. His style of speaking is very plain and deliberate. It takes him a while to get to the point. And he stutters a lot while speaking. His main point during the portion of his speech that I listening to was that to solve the social security crisis, we should have the rich contribute more to social security. I agree with this idea. It sounds simple enough. I don’t know why it hasn’t already been enacted. Posted Jan. 26, 2008.
Hilary Clinton is trying to regain the momentum she lost in her South Carolina defeat by trying to win in Florida on Tuesday. She’s leading in the Florida polls. The problem is…it won’t count. The Democratic Party is punishing Florida for moving it’s primary to an earlier date by not allowing any delegates to be awarded. Notwithstanding, Clinton is going to Florida to highlight her expected win in an attempt to appear as if she is once again the comeback kid. She did this in Michigan as well. Is this a dirty tactic on Hilary’s part? Is she being straightforward with the voters, or is she basically trying to mislead the public? Posted 01-27-08.
Barrack Obama won the 2008 South Carolina primary on Saturday, but as Bill Clinton, husband of runner-up Hilary Clinton, quickly pointed out…Jesse Jackson also won South Carolina in 1984 and 1988, but that didn’t help Jackson get the nomination. Posted 01-28-08.
Wouldn’t a McCain/Giuliani ticket be formidable against Obama/whoever or Clinton/whoever? Would Clinton or Obama agree to be the vice presidential candidate for the other? Posted 01-29-08.
John Edwards has now dropped out of the race. It will be interesting to see where his votes go. I would have to guess they would go mostly to Hilary Clinton. Posted 01-30-08.
Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama had a one-on-one debate tonight on CNN leading into Super Tuesday. There was no clear winner. Both candidates gave a lackluster performance, keeping the gloves on and playing nice with each other. Posted 01-31-08.
Hilary Clinton’s lead in California has dwindled from nearly 20 points to somewhere between 3 and 7 percentage points. It looks like Obama will be the comeback kid in California. Posted 02-02-08.
On the Republican side, it appears that John McCain is pulling away from Mitt Romney. He is leading in the national polls by roughly 20 points now. Posted 02-03-08.
Rudy Giuliani was on stage with McCain today at a rally. Is the McCain/Giuliani ticket on the way? Posted 02-04-08.
Negative comments by Barrack Obama: After Mitt Romney dropped out of the Republican race, Romney made a statement saying “I cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror,” referring to Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama’s promises to vacate Iraq and leave it to the wills of Al Queda. Obama made some negative statements about Romney dropping out saying, “That’s the kind of poorly thought through statement that led him to have to drop out. It’s a classic attempt to appeal to people’s fears that will not work in this campaign. And I think that’s part of the reason he was such an ineffective candidate.” I thought this was kicking a man who was down. I thought it was classless and inappropriate. Posted 02-10-08.
Obama’s Momentum Grows: Obama swept Hilary in all of this weekend’s contests. Hilary is now shaking up her staff once again. Posted 02-10-08.
February 18, 2008: The news came out today the Obama plagiarized part of a recent speech of his. He was accused of stealing the lines from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. The borrowed lines were something to the effect...words matter, like "I have a dream," and "All men are created equal." I think the more disturbing aspect of all of this is that when he was questioned about it, Obama claimed that other people were using his lines like "fired up, ready to go" and "time to turn the page." This was really shocking. So, Hilary swept the last round of primaries by beating Obama in Ohio and Texas. Then the Jeremiah Wright scandal breaks. Obama’s previous momentum has evaporated. Can Obama hold on to his small delegate lead? Posted 3-22-08
We are at March 30 and still no clear resolution of the Democratic nominee. Hilary is now vowing to stay in the race through every state and she is determined to get the Florida and Michigan votes to count. The Pennsylvania primary is tomorrow. If Hilary Clinton wins Pennsylvania, that will make three big wins in a row for her (Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania). Posted 3-30-08.
Barack Obama is hanging on to a lead in the nationwide polls despite the recents scandals involving his bigoted pastor and his "bitter people" remarks about the working class. Posted 4-21-08.
Hilary now has won 5 of the last 6 state primaries (by popular vote), yet Obama is picking up most of the delegates and Democrats are calling for Hilary to drop out. Hilary has won Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and West Virginia compared to Obama just winning in North Carolina. Obama is failing to demonstrate an ability to consistently win amid all of the latest clamour involving his bigoted pastor and his poorly stated speeches and interviews. Posted 5-17-08.

Winston Churchill once said that if you find a job you love, you'll never work again.



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