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TV Survivorman Les Stroud Man vs. Wild host Bear Grylls
Les Stroud * Bear Grylls

Man VS. Wild: Another survival how-to show is Man Vs. Wild. The star of the show, Bear Grylls, shows you how to survive in extreme conditions. In his episode in Iceland, he used the natural volcanic springs to cook his food. MAN VS. WILD is A PRUEBA DE TODO en ESPANOL.
Bear Grylls biography: Bear is a Karate black belt. He spent 3 years with the British Special Air Service. He climbed Mount Everest at age 23, setting a record for youngest person to climb Everest. He wrote a best selling book about his climb called "Facing Up", titled "The Kid Who Climbed Everest" in the US. He has been married to his wife Shara Grylls since 2000. And he began his Man vs. Wild show in 2006.

Bear Grylls' book Bear Grylls with knife
Best Selling Author * And Cable TV star of Man Vs. Wild

Bear Grylls and wife Shara Grylls
Bear Grylls and wife Shara Grylls

Survivorman: I love the Survivorman show on the Discovery Channel. Les Stroud created the show himself in 2000. Les Stroud also composed the theme music for his show. He has been married to Susan Jamison Stroud since 1994. He has two children, Raylan and Logan.
One of my favorite episodes shows Les stranded under the pretense of a plane crash. He even goes the extra mile pretending to have one broken arm. Les Stroud has done show stranded in a life raft, in the Amazon, in the Arctic, in the desert, you name it, Les Stroud survived it. He usually does a good job of showing you what you can eat, and not eat, in the wild; and where to find fresh water. In his episode in the desert, he showed how to eat the prickly pear cactus. In his episode where heís stranded on a deserted island beach, he shows how to open a coconut and how you can use the coconut oil as a natural sun block.
No matter where Survivorman goes, he always takes his harmonica and his trusty multitool.
After 3 seasons, and 21 exotic survival locations, Les Stroud pockets his harmonica and retires from making his survival documentaries.

SurvivorMan interviewed on The View

Outdoors, Camping, Hiking, Survival


Deep Creek Lake, MD: One of my favorite campsites is Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. The campsites themselves are kind of packed and the ranger came by our site to tell us that both tents had to be on the pad, so the two tents from our group were literally two feet apart. But, the area is nice. Deep Creek Lake itself is the main attraction of course. You can rent a speed boat and an innertube from various vendors there and have a great time on the lake. And thereís one spot on the lake where you can park your boat at a dock, go up the stairs, and get ice cream and lunch at the top of the hill. Cool. And the shower/bathroom facilities at the Deep Creek Lake campgrounds are very nice. The showers were hot and refreshing.

Assateague Island, MD: Assateague Island, just south of Ocean City, Maryland has camping and biking available. I visited the island in 2006. Assateague Island is famous for its population of ponies. The ponies are wild and will try to get into any food or coolers that you leave sitting out overnight if you camp there. Be careful to put any food or food containers into your car before going to sleep. There are numerous ponies and deer that have no qualms about walking right out in front of you on the roads. There is also a nice beach near the campgrounds where we caught sight of a group of dolphins going north along the shoreline. Thereís a little bike rental stand on the island on the inlet side. You can rent bikes for cheap and ride them around the island and will be able to easily take pictures of any horses or deer you come across.

Elizabethís Furnace, VA: In the Washington National Forest in Virginia, just west of Shenandoah National Park, you will find Elizabethís Furnace. Iíve been to these campgrounds many times. Itís a great area with a lot of historical sites to visit.

Survivor Heroes vs. Villians
Survivor #20: Heroes versus Villians

CBS SURVIVOR: Heroes vs. Villians

Survivor: The 20th season of survivor will be another all-star edition. Starting Thursday night, February 11, 2010. Click here for Survivor Heroes vs. Villians breakdown and discussion.

CBS SURVIVOR: Survivor Samoa

Survivor: The 19th season of survivor started three weeks ago set in Samoa. Russell seems to be the villian this season. Posted 9-30-09.

CBS SURVIVOR: Survivor Micronesia

Survivor: The sixteenth season of CBSí Survivor is about to begin. Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites will start on February 7, 2008. Jonny Fairplay and Yau-Man Chan will star. Other returning Survivors include Ozzy Fusth from Suvivor Cook Islands, Parvati Shallow from Cook Islands, James Clement from Survivor China, and Cirie Fields from Survivor Panama. Jeff Probst will host once more. Survivor Fans vs. Favorites: Recap: Episode 5: This episode really exposed Joelís weaknessÖhis lack of brains. During one challenge, contestants were tethered together and had to maneuver through an obstacle course of trees and posts to catch the other team members. Joel and Chet were paired together for their team. Joel would climb under a rail then take off running at full speed pulling Chet into the rail. Joel just wasnít thinking clearly enough to realize that even though he had made it through the obstacle, he still had to wait for Chet to climb through before he could speed up. This was a disaster for Joelís team. They lost the challenge. Later, at the immunity challenge, Joel stupidly interfered in Chetís direction of putting a puzzle together and cost his team the immunity challenge. Despite Chetís overall weakness, the tribe decided to go with brains over brawn in hopes of turning around their losing streak. They voted out Joel.
So far in Fans vs. Favorites, Ozzy has been dominating the game. He's the top competitor physically and controls his tribes decisions. However, there are some who are eager to topple King Ozzy.
A historic Survivor moment last night April 10, 2008 when Eliza plays Ozzy's fake idol. "It's just a stick," she told Jason, the dolt who found it and cherished it, but she played it anyway despite her own better judgement. Jeff Probst threw the fake idol into the fire and Ozzy said, "Jeff! That took me 2 hours to carve." Everybody laughed.
On the April 17, 2008 episode of Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites, Ozzy was blindsided at tribal council. He was so sure that Jason was going home that he decided not to play his hidden immunity idol. Little did he know, that Parvati had abandoned Ozzy's alliance in favor of ousting him. What at first seemed like a very foolish move for the "naive" Jason, stepping down at the immunity challenge proved to be his best move. If he had won immunity, Ozzy would have known he would be a target and probably would have played his immunity idol and would not have been going home. However, as it turned out, Jason steps down, Ozzy felt safe, and goodbye Ozzy. "Screw you," were Ozzy's last words to the person that turned on him.

Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth background bio: One of the fiercest competitors ever on Survivor: Born August 23, 1981, originally from Guanojuato, Mexico, now resides in Venice, California. Ozzy first appeared on Survivor Cook Islands where he finished second in a 5-4 vote to Yul.

Ozzy Lusth * Parvati Shallow

Behind the scenes CBS Survivor

Learn all the behind the scenes secrets of CBS Survivor. What goes into making the show, where are they now, and what really happens on the island? Go to the CBS Survivor page to learn more.



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