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Trojan Ad Software

Beware techradar.com. I recently downloaded a free video editor from techradar.com and immediately started seeing ads appearing on websites that were not normally there. The ads would say "ads not by this site". This was obviously some sort of spamware/spyware that came with the download. So, I quickly uninstalled Free Video Dub from DVDVideoSoft.com. But the malicious adware was still appearing. I had to search through all of my programs to find any software installed the same day and I found a program called Videosaver that was installed along with the Free Video Dub from DVDVideoSoft.com and uninstalled that, and finally the ads disappeared. TechRadar.com makes itself look like a reviewer and recommender of these programs. Techradar gets a commission for each spyware downloaded, which makes TechRadar a terrible website to visit. Beware TechRadar.com, DVDVideoSoft and Free Video Dub. They are all in the business of adware, spyware, or malware.

Yahoo Mail Fail

The Yahoo Mail upgrade of September 2011 requires users to agree to Yahoo's new terms of service which says Yahoo!'s automated systems will scan and analyze all email, IM and other communication content in order to deliver relevant advertising to their users.

Malicious AdWare

Recently, I had two adware programs invade my computer. They were the Internet Speed Monitor and Outerinfo. To get rid of Internet Speed Monitor and Outerinfo, go to START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS. Look for programs by these names and uninstall them. If you don’t see them right away, look under Program Files. The Internet Speed Monitor will be processing under executable names like QdrPack, QdrModule12.exe, QdrDrive, etc. When you hit CONTROL-ALT-DELETE and view the processes, look for program names similar to these. Outerinfo installed itself under my Program Files, and when I ran the uninstall program, it prompted me to type in some squiggly letters on the screen to make sure that a real person was uninstalling it. Can you believe that? This piece of crap program installs itself without my permission, then has the nerve not to allow any automated programs to get rid of it. I’d like to find out who to report these companies to.

The Rise of Chrome

A new internet browser developed by Google will be released soon. The browser is called Chrome and is anticipated to be three times faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7. Chrome is still in beta testing as of today. Posted October 18, 2008.

Spam Lives!

A Virginia court has struck down the anti-spam law that helped convict Jeremy Jaynes, a prolific spammer who sent an average of 10 million emails a day from his home in Raliegh, NC. The law was deemed too broad and a violation of free speech rights protected by the first amendment. Posted Sept. 13, 2008.

Internet Boost to Presidential Campaign

The John McCain campaign for the presidency of the United States has gained momentum on the internet in recent weeks. Due to the McCain campaign's comparison of Obama to celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, McCain's YouTube views have jumped by 3.7 million views in a 10 day span. Obama may be a mimbo, but his YouTube views still outnumber McCain's. However, Obama's total YouTube views have decreased by 6 million during this same timeframe. Posted August 17, 2008.

Microsoft Bids to Buy Yahoo

Microsoft has bid $45 billion to acquire Yahoo. It is unknown as to what Microsoft plans to do with Yahoo. They have MSN which is a main competitor of Yahoo. Perhaps, one would dissolve into the other. Goodbye MSN? The U.S. Justice Department has said that it is interested in reviewing any antitrust issues that may arise from the acquisition. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmar stated that the acquisition will raise competition in the web search and advertising market rather than eliminate it. Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddell said he expects a deal with Yahoo to be completed by the end of the year.

As of April 19, 2008, Microsoft is still attempting to buy Yahoo. Yahoo has twice rejected Microsoft's bid of $31 per share. I think Yahoo is really struggling lately. Many times, their pages don't load completely. They have very annoying floating ads on their homepage. They have inexplicably moved towards more video news. Sometimes, you can't read a news story when you want to. They only have slow-loading videos to choose from. And their news is heavily liberal slanted anyway, which makes it tough to take seriously. Yahoo has a long way to go to regain their respectibility and value.
As of July 17, 2008, Yahoo has still not agreed to any of Microsoft's offers.

My Review of GoDaddy.COM

I used godaddy.com to set up this website. My review of godaddy.com: It was a useful tool for testing which domain names were already taken. Be careful when doing this on some other websites because sometimes when you type in your .com name, the more nefarious web domain registrars will immediately hold that name then attempt to sell it to you. A good way to test this is to just type in some gobbledeegook such as “ljlsdjfoudkfldjkfoiu” and hit enter. If it says “ljlsdjfoudkfldjkfoiu is already taken, would you like to purchase it?” then you know you should stay away from that dealer. Go somewhere else. But godaddy was not a problem in that respect. The price seems reasonable. $10 per year for basic services. My major complaint so far about godaddy.com is the site layout. After you pick your domain name, and you want to pay for it, it was hard for me to find how to do that on the site. They are trying to sell you so many different add-ons that I couldn’t find where to click just to get the basic website. Eventually, I found the little “continue” button in the middle of the page amidst all the add-ons. But that kind of pissed me off. Then once you pay for your website, you’re kind of left in the cold. It was hard to figure out what to do next. Keep in mind, I’m not a habitual website builder. This was the first website I’ve attempted to build in a few years. But, eventually I got going. I’m still struggling with it a bit, but hey, it’s the first day. I found that the free hosting provided with the basic domain registration requires that I allow GoDaddy to post these ugly advertisements at the top of each of my pages. I will have to upgrade my hosting account to get rid of the mandatory ads. The cheapest hosting godaddy offers is for $3.99 per month. I’ll keep you posted as I continue building the site.
GoDaddy basic hosting has gone up to $4.29 per month. Posted 6-19-2010.

Jillian Michaels is the new Go Daddy girl
Jillian Michaels has been revealed as the newest Go Daddy girl. Jillian is well known as a personal trainer from the Biggest Loser tv show.

The Network Solutions Company is Unfair

Network Solutions suspended a website just because it was about a film that criticizes Islam. Network Solutions, please. This is un-American. People should have a right to speak freely about any topic, whether you agree with their opinions or not. Until Network Solutions comes to its senses, I won’t do any business with them. Posted 03-23-08.

TV Networks Banking on Online Broadcasts

TV networks charge advertisers $25 per 1000 viewers for primetime shows, but charge $35-$50 for online broadcasts of their tv shows. The reason is that advertisers think online watchers can translate into sales quicker because they are a mouse click away from spending their money. TV broadcasts still greatly outdraw internet broadcasts, but the availability of shows on the internet is growing. Source: Ryan Nakashima's article, AP Business Writer. Posted 4-11-08.


A new favorite website of mine is GasBuddy.COM. I use this site to help find the cheapest gas in my area.



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