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Kenmore slow cooker
Kenmore Slow Cooker

Slow Cookers: I have a Kenmore 7 quart programmable slow cooker. Model 100.68332. Iíve used it many times. I would recommend this one for anyone looking to get a new slow cooker. The timer lets you set it on different heat levels, different cooking times, and it has a warmer that will keep the food warm for six hours after it stops cooking. So, you can put your food in the slow cooker in the morning, let it cook all day, and it will be warm when you get home from work and are ready for dinner. There are many slow cooker recipe books out there to help you come up with dinner ideas taking advantage of your new toy. The ceramic pot comes completely out, which makes it very easy to clean. Posted 01-25-08.

Sunbeam breadmaker
Sunbeam Breadmaker

Breadmakers: Iím very happy with our new breadmaker. Itís a Sunbeam Model 5891, 2 pound breadmaker. Itís particularly good for making white bread and French bread. This Sunbeam breadmaker has a timer which allows you to set it so that the bread will be done at breakfast time or dinner time. Posted 01-30-08.

Pizzazz Pizza Oven: I have one of the Pizzazz Pizza cookers and itís great for heating frozen pizzas like the Tombstone pizza. It gets the cheese to boil and brown a bit just like the delivery pizza. I also use it to make crisp French fries. Posted 3-26-08.

George Foreman Grills: I have one of the small original George Foreman grills. I love it. Itís getting a bit old now, and needs to be replaced. The last time I was in K-Mart, that had about six or seven different George Foreman grills on displays. All sizes and shapes. Which one do you recommend?

Bamboo: An easy plant for the home or office for those of us that have un-green thumbs is Bamboo. They are cheap and easy to keep alive. Usually, you can find them at places like IKEA for about $2. All you have to do is change the water once a week. Donít just top off the water, theyíll turn yellow and die if you do that. You have to pour out the old water, and refill your vase with fresh water. And donít put them in direct sunlight. That also tends to make them turn yellow and die. They survive with little or no direct sunlight. You can even keep one in your bathroom or at work under the fluorescent lights. Posted 01-26-08.

Indoor Plants: there are many indoor plants to choose from. Two of the favorites are ficus and cactus. Posted 02-03-08.

Home Prices in the Washington DC area are now at a median price of $370,300 for a single family home. This is down from the median home price of $445,300 one year ago. Posted 10-19-08.



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