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What is your most loved gadget that you can’t live without?

Sony Reader for eBooks I saw one of these recently and was impressed with the look and feel of it. The text was easy to read and the page turning was simple. The Sony Reader goes for $300. The number of available eTexts will be the only concern.

iPhones: iPhones have the wow factor in so many ways. I love to use mine to browse the internet while away from my desk computer. Imagine, anywhere you have a signal, you have internet…you have email. They also act as an iPod, playing all your favorite songs. There’s a camera of course, and all your photos can be stored in an album on your iPhone. The maps are impressive too. It’s like have a navigation system in your pocket. There’s a weather feature that will give you a five day forecast for any cities you want to save in it. The clock feature lets you set multiple alarms to go off at whatever frequency you need. And it lets you view the time anywhere in the world. The SMS feature allows you to easily send text messages. The phone contact list is very cool. It scrolls up and down at the touch of a finger. You can save addresses, phone numbers, and even click over to a map of the contact’s address. The email feature is nice too. You can set it to retrieve emails automatically from your Yahoo or Google email accounts for example. Very addictive. Posted Jan. 25, 2008.
Some problems with iPhones: setting it up to retrieve your work email off of an Exchange server doesn’t work yet. Apple is supposed to be fixing this, but still, it’s not available yet. When upgrading my iPhone, it froze in the middle of the upgrade and forced me into “restore” mode. It wouldn’t let me do anything to rescue my data. I lost all my contacts and settings! Just from trying to update it! Unbelievable. It should have at least said, “this won’t work, do you want to continue, you may lose your data, cancel, etc” Nope, just wiped everything out. Posted 3-14-08.

Apple iPod Touch: The Apple iPod Touch can do everything the iPhone can do, except it doesn't have the phone capability. It has the GPS, the maps, the internet, the apps, the email, the iPod, the pictures, etc.

The Apple IPhone

Portable Hard Drives:

The Western Digital 80 GB Passport portable hard drive is great. I can backup all my important PC files on it and store larger files like photos and music. It connects through the USB port, which slows it down a bit, but it’s still capable of running programs and games off of when you don’t want to install them onto your PC’s hard drive. Posted 01-26-08.

Digital Cameras

Nikon has a new camera that comes with a built-in projector. It's the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj Digital Camera with Built-in Projector for $254.95. You can project pictures or movies onto any wall. Very cool concept, and for a good price. And Ashton Kutcher uses it!

Tracking HDTV prices:

I’m looking for an HDTV. I’m logging the prices to see which are the best HDTV prices.
Circuit City is selling a Polaroid 26-inch 720p LCD HDTV for $499.99. Posted 3-23-08.
The 32” Element 720p LCD HDTV is $549.99. Posted 4-2-08.
Circuit City now has a 26-inch Element 720p LCD HDTV for $469.99. Best Buy’s best deal seems to be a 37” 720p LCD HDTV for $699.99. Posted 4-23-08.
Best Buy has some good deals this week...a Dynex 26" 720p LCD HDTV for $449.99 and a Dynex 32" 720p LCD HDTV for $529.99. Posted 5/18/08.



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