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Crime City game for the iPhone

Crime City opening screen

   Crime City is a game application for the iPhone made by a company called Funzio. Crime City is a fun addictive game.

   Crime City tip #1: When you reach a new level, you will be awarded 3 skill points. Use these points to buy Energy or Stamina. Do not waste skill points on Attack or Defense. You can build those two stats using weapons and armor that you buy elsewhere.

   Crime City tip #2: You can get an extra skill point by completed a neighborhood 5 times.

Crime City player profile

   Crime City tip #3: When you want to rob or attack another player, click on the Rivals button, then select a player by clicking "ROB" instead of "ATTACK". This will take you to that player's hood where you can then view their profile to see how strong they really are. If they are weaker than you (less attack/defense), then you can attack them to accumulate experience (star) points, respect coins, and sometimes money if that player happens to have cash on them.

   Crime City tip #4: You can attack a rival 10 times. However, if you are losing, discontinue the attacks.

   Crime City tip #5: When robbing a rivals buildings, just rob each one twice. The third time a building is robbed, you only get $1. You can leave that for the next player to come along. Don't waste your bullets (stamina).

   Crime City tip #6: When doing the jobs in a neighborhood, don't just do the jobs randomly. Follow the instructions in the Goals List. When they give you a job as a goal and you complete it, you will get extra money.

Put your money in the bank when playing Crime City, or in real life for that matter.

   Crime City tip #7: Your attack and defense scores are based on the weapons and armor you accumulate (either by buying or winning as loot). Your score is the sum of attack and defense attributes of the weapons you possess in your inventory. However, you can only count the strongest weapons of each type (Guns, Melee, Armor, and Vehicles) for every mob member that you have. So for example, if you have 100 mafia members and you 130 guns, 90 melee, 150 armor pieces, and 5000 vehicles, you score will be the total of the strongest 100 guns, all 90 melee, the strongest 100 armor and the strongest 100 vehicles. Buying the extra 4900 vehicles was a waste of money.

   Crime City tip #8: It doesn't matter who your mafia members are. There is no need to screen them. A weak member who just started on Level 1 is just the same to you as a strong player who is on Level 100.

   Crime City tip #9: Put any cash you collect into the bank right away if you don't have an immediate need for it. Other players can only steal money that you don't have in the bank.

   Crime City tip #10: When robbing a rival or doing jobs in a neighborhood, you don't have to pick up the cash as you go along. All the cash and coins will automatically collect when you leave that hood. This is actually better because you spend less time with cash in your pocket which can be robbed. Not to mention that it's fewer clicks for you and will reduce you risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Take advantage of anamolies in the game, such as this instance of two meat factory buildings sharing the same space.



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