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Saturday Morning Cartoons

Land of the Lost

I wanted to create a space to talk about all of our favorite old shows from when we were growing up...like the Saturday morning tv shows including the Krofft shows (Land of the Lost, Space Nuts, Electro Woman and Dyna-Girl), Scooby Doo, Dungeons and Dragons, the Smurfs, the Snorks, Superfriends, The Amazing Spiderman, the Baseball Bunch. And the primetime shows for kids like Diff'rent Strokes, Facts of Life, Dukes of Hazzard, The Incredible Hulk, The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, and Mork and Mindy. And the afternoon shows for kids like The Electric Company, Read All About It, and 3-2-1 Contact. And the cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn, Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Deputy Dawg (I always thought it was Deputy Dog), The Flintstones. There were so many great tv shows that we grew up on. I remember getting up at about 6:am on Saturdays to watch cartoons. My dad would make me a cup of coffee (with milk) and I'd sit down in front of the tv in the living room. I think the Scooby Doo reruns came on first.

Dungeons and Dragons

I loved Scooby Doo. Remember the chase scenes with the cool music. lol. Then the Superfriends would come on. "Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice..." Remember the Power Twins? And the monkey? Then, I think the Smurfs would come on at around 8:00. A big favorite of mine was Dungeons and Dragons, about the kids that went through a warped theme park ride and ended up in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons. That would come on at around 9:30 I think. (And I'm sure I'm mixing shows from different years in here, I guess you could call this my "Dream Saturday Morning Cartoon Lineup") Then Land of the Lost would come on. That was one of the best ever shows. Marshall, Will, and Holly on a routine expedition. It didn't get any better than that. Then, at 11:00, WWF wrestling would come on. I would watch that just about every week. I think I started back when Bob Backlund was the champ. He was fending off bad guys like Killer Khan, the Iron Sheik, and even Hulk Hogan.

Johnny Quest

Deputy Dog

was a bad guy before returning and revolutionizing the business a few years later. Then, in the summer months, a show called the Baseball Bunch would come on. Johnny Bench was the host. Tommy Lasorda played the wizard. This show always got me hyped up to go out and play. lol. Ah, those were the days. I almost forgot to mention Gilligan's Island and Johnny Quest. How could I forget Gilligan's Island? I watched every episode so many times, it got to the point where I could just about tell you what would happen next. And no matter how many times I saw it, I would always laugh when the Skipper took a coconut to the head.And Johnny Quest...great cartoon. I loved the theme music. And the exotic locations. Remember Haji and Bandit? Actually, I hated Bandit. His bark was so annoying.
I also remember watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, and Voyagers.
Which shows do you remember from growing up? Tell us what you can remember. : ))

Cartoon Theme Songs

I found this video of some of the 80's cartoon theme songs. It includes Adventures in Wonderland, Real Monsters, Secret World of Alex Mack, Are you Afraid of the Dark, Beetlejuice, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bobby's World starring the voice of Howie Mandel, Bonkers, Melissa Joan Hart in Clarissa Explains it All, Darkwing Duck, Dinosaurs, The Real Ghostbusters, Doug, Ducktales, Dumbo's Circus, Goof Troop, Gullah Gullah Island, Gumby Adventures, Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Hey Dude, Lamb Chop's Play-Along!, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Magic School Bus, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Pepper Ann, Adventures of Pete and Pete, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, The Racoon's, Rocko's Modern Life, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Salute Your Shorts, Slimer and The Real Ghostbusters, Tiny Toon Adventures.

Other Kids TV Shows

The tv show about the guy that draws is called "Mark Kistler's Imagination Station." He has a website: markkistler.com



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