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Bigfoot DNA

Bigfoot DNA is supposedly being worked out by DNA doctor Melba Ketchum. Dr. Melba Ketchum is working to figure out the bigfoot DNA by testing hair, saliva, blood, and tissue samples from around the country. Many samples of possible bigfoot hairs have been submitted to DNA labs in the past. Usually, they come back as "unknown primate". Having the DNA labeled as unknown primate does not help the bigfoot researchers prove bigfoot's existence. However, if all of the various unknown primate samples are matched to each other, then Dr. Melba Ketchum will be able to classify this new DNA sequence as a known animal. From that point on, any DNA matching the sample collection will no longer be deemed "unknown primate", but will be identified as bigfoot DNA. The results of Dr. Melba Ketchum's bigfoot DNA work are due to be released in 2011.

Animal Planet Tries Finding Bigfoot

Cable network Animal planet launched a new bigfoot series on Sunday, May 30, 2011 titled "Finding Bigfoot". The show follows BFRO members on a hunt for the legendary sasquatch. The team leader is Matt Moneymaker, founder of the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization). Also on the team are James "Bobo" Fay, a 6'6" valley boy; Cliff Barrackman, a seasoned bigfoot researcher; and Renae Holland, a pretty and skeptically-minded bigfoot researcher.
On this premiere episode, the teams investigates bigfoot in Northern Georgia where a police dashboard-mounted camera caught a creature running across the road at night. The video was not the best quality, but the team was convinced it was a 9 foot tall bigfoot. Personally, I had trouble seeing any upper part of the body and thought it was likely a bear running on 4 legs. Reports have surfaced that the sheriff later discovered through neighbors that two local college kids had rented an ape suit. This was not revealed on the show. Anyway, the team did an earnest investigation and scientifically tried to debunk the footage. Later in the show, the team interviewed local bigfoot witnesses and went back to the field to investigate. Towards the end of the show, with the help of local BFRO members, they caught a good thermal image, but wrapped up the show quickly and didn't replay it very much. All in all, a good show and worth watching.

Bigfoot Field Researchers
Renae, Bobo, Matt, and Cliff on the trail of bigfoot

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